Slack voice message | Tutorial

Slack voice message

Slack voice message

Sometimes it is much easier to say a few words than to write a long text. Most people are familiar with this from everyday life with WhatsApp. But a Slack voice message can also solve this problem in the business world. We would like to show you how you can compose audio message in Slack and send it to your colleagues.

Slack video messages are also possible:

If you have a webcam connected, you can bring another medium into play – your own webcam. With a video message, you can not only quickly transmit important information in sound, but also visual information. Therefore, Slack offers everything to transmit the necessary information to the person opposite.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Slack
  • First click on your workspace name and “Preferences”
  • Switch to the “Audio and Video” tab and make sure the microphone and camera are set correctly
  • Now select the contact you want to send a voice message to
  • Click on the small microphone below the text window to send a voice message. (Important: These features are only visible in one of Slack’s paid plans!)
  • Speak your message and click the check mark to confirm
  • Now you can listen to the message again before sending it. If you are satisfied, send the message
  • Done!

Voice messages in Slack can speed up many processes even further. You just have to be careful not to overdo it. After all, such messages cannot be skimmed at first. In such cases, text can be quite useful.

Video tutorial:

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