Slack archive channel and how to find it later on | Tutorial

Slack archive channel

Slack archive channel and how to find it later on

Slack offers the possibility to create channels for each topic. This makes it very easy to separate different projects from one another. But what should you do when a project is finished? Should the channel be deleted? In such a case, it may make more sense to archive the Slack channel. In this way, it is blocked for further use, but still offers the possibility to view all messages that have been written. In this way, the content and course of the channel can still be traced later.

Archive Slack Channel – but how to find it afterwards?

While recording the tutorial, we encountered a problem ourselves. Archiving the channel is easy, but where is it afterwards? The menu navigation and filters are not optimal for this at the moment and are not so easy to follow. That’s why we started searching and show you how to find the archived Slack channels again.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Right click on the channel you want to archive
  • Click on “Open Channel Details”
  • Select the “Settings” tab
  • Click on “Archive channel for everyone”
  • Done!

This way you can find the channel again after archiving:

  • Click on the + next to “Channels”
  • Select “Browser channels”
  • Change the filter on the right from “All channel types” to “Archived channels”
  • Now you have an overview of your complete Slack archive
  • Done!

Archiving is quick and easy thanks to a few steps. We hope this will help you keep your Slack workspace as lean as possible without deleting important data right away. If you have more questions about Slack, check out our Slack tutorials section.

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