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Slack Delete Channel

Delete Slack Channel

Slack is a great tool for emerging companies. It allows easy communication in chat form. However, calls and video calls are also possible. In addition, channels can be created individually and allow to unite exactly those people who are needed for the specific project. From our own experience, however, this can also lead to a flood of channels. We would therefore like to show you how to clean up at the end and delete a Slack channel so that you can continue to keep track of everything.

Is there an alternative to deleting the channel?

However, cleaning up does not have to be so drastic. In case of doubt, it is sufficient to archive a channel. In this way, it also disappears from the overview, but remains in the search. This has the advantage that the messages stored in it are not lost and you can check the data again later. Deleting the channel is therefore only advisable if you are absolutely sure that you will no longer need the data!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Slack
  • Find the channel you want to delete
  • Right click and select “Additional options”
  • Click on “Delete this channel
  • Confirm the message and select “Delete channel
  • Done!

Conclusion: Slack is a great tool for working in a company or for private projects. However, you should not lose track of everything despite your ambition. Therefore, if you clean up a bit now and then and delete a few channels, you will be able to work very efficiently for a long time. In any case, we wish you much success with it!

Video tutorial:

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