Add Emoji to Slack | Tutorial

Add Emoji to Slack

Add Emoji to Slack | Tutorial

Communication that takes place exclusively in written form can sometimes be misleading. Emphasis and body language can give a completely different meaning to what is said. A good way to express that in Slack messages are emojis. There are a lot of preset choices of these. But how can you add your own emoji to Slack? Especially through shared experiences and with insiders, something like this can come up as a question. And actually, the creation is very simple, if you know where the function is located.

Attention: Deleting Slack Eomji is only possible by admins

Getting the perfect emoji sometimes takes a little practice. We understand that. However, you should be aware that emojis can only be deleted by admins. Therefore, one should make an appropriate effort and not upload every attempt. In general, it is important to make the borders transparent for emotes that are not 4-cornered, so that the smileys look good in both light and dark modes.

Step-by-step instructions:

Here’s how you can add a Slack emoji:

  • Start Slack
  • Go into a chat and click on the emote icon
  • Select “Add Emoji”
  • Under “custom emojis” you can upload your own emotes
  • Select “Upload image” and find the image file on your computer
  • Give a name to the emoji. It must be written between two colons, for example :emoji:
  • In the “Emoji packs” tab you can download pre-made packages
  • Click on a package and select “Add pack”

Here’s how you can delete a Slack emoji:

  • Click on your workspace name
  • Select “Settings & Administration” and “Workspace Settings”
  • Click on “Customize” on the left
  • In the tab “Emojis” you will find all custom emotes (self uploaded and also packages)
  • Click on the X next to the emoji on the right side
  • Done!

With the right knowledge, you can customize Slack quickly and easily, whether it’s emojis or other workspace settings. If you’re looking for more settings, you might want to take a look at our other Slack tutorials. There you will get a lot more background knowledge for an optimal operation. And now, good luck with your project and the use of Slack!

Video tutorial:

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