How to delete Skype chat | Tutorial

How to delete Skype chat

How to delete Skype chat

Depending on how much and what you write, it can be useful to delete the chat history in Skype. Whether it’s a few things that you simply don’t want to see anymore or maybe because you want to provide more clarity – it’s generally very easy to delete messages in Skype completely and in this article you’ll learn how to delete a Skype chat. But first we would like to answer a frequently asked question:

Delete Skype messages for both – is it possible?

The simple answer is: No. Once the message is delivered, you can only delete the messages that are on your profile. If you delete them, they will still be visible to the recipient. This is similar to WhatsApp. But there is still a chance that the message is not delivered due to lack of reception. In this state it can still be deleted. However, this state does not exist with Skype.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Skype
  • Find the contact for whom you want to delete the chat history
  • Right click on the contact
  • Select “Delete conversation”
  • Confirm the warning message
  • Done!

Quite simple, if you know where to find the function. If you have further questions about Skype, please visit us on Youtube or have a look at our Skype tutorial series. And now a good restart in your reset chat!

Video tutorial:

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