How to embed a Youtube video in Powerpoint | Tutorial

How to embed a youtube video in PowerPoint

How to embed a Youtube video in Powerpoint

You know it from school, university or even at work. Nowadays, important presentations are made with PowerPoint. Usually the motto is: As few effects and elements as possible, but as many as necessary. Videos are usually not part of it. But even these have their raison d’être in rare cases. Therefore, we would like to explain how to embed a Youtube video in PowerPoint to enhance your presentation and to reflect important information in a short video.

Youtube video in PowerPoint – prevent annoying searching with timestamp:

It is often the case with a Youtube video that not all the information is needed. Therefore, you should work with timestamps. This way, the player jumps directly to the right place and is thus played from the right second. This makes the presentation even more professional, because you don’t have to start searching in the middle of the presentation. Of course we also show how you can use this for yourself.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First go to the Youtube video you want to insert
    • If you want to play the video from the beginning, just copy the Youtube link from your browser
    • If you want the video to play from a certain point, jump to the desired point, right click and select “Copy video URL at this point”
  • Load your PowerPoint presentation
  • Click on the “Insert” tab -> in the Media section click on “Video” -> “Online Videos
  • Paste the link from Youtube and click on “Paste”
  • Move the element to the desired place and adjust its size
  • Done!

IMPORTANT: Please note that the video will still be loaded from the Internet. Therefore, you must have access to the Internet during your presentation, otherwise the video will not load!

Video tutorial:

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