How to change Powerpoint to portrait | Tutorial

How to change Powerpoint to portrait

Presentations in PowerPoint usually take place in landscape format. The simple reason for this is that the presentation is adapted to the common 16:9 monitors. But this does not always make sense. Therefore, if you want to change Powerpoint to portrait, you need another solution. Fortunately, the change in PowerPoint is possible without major problems and we show you how it works!

Change PowerPoint to portrait format – this is what you should consider:

If you are still completely at the beginning, this is no problem at all. But as soon as the first elements are available, it is important to choose the right mode for the conversion. PowerPoint offers scaling as well as maximizing elements for this purpose. We are generally of the opinion that scaling is the more sensible choice.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on the “Design” tab
  • Select “Slide size” and “Custom slide size” on the right side
  • Set the orientation of the slides to portrait and click OK
  • Choose whether to “Maximize” or “Ensure Fit” of your elements (usually “Ensure Fit” makes more sense). Click the element or select it using the buttons
  • Done!

With a simple setting, portrait format can be applied in PowerPoint. However, as always, it is important to know the function and where it is located in order to work with it efficiently. We wish you continued success in your work with PowerPoint! Please have a look at our other Powerpoint tutorials!

Video tutorial:

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