Smiley face in Outlook | Tutorial

Smiley face in Outlook

Smiley face in Outlook

Smileys certainly do not fit into every mail and are appropriate in the office. But among friends and colleagues, a smiley can bring clarity to a statement and associated emotions. We would like to show you how to insert a smiley face in Outlook and communicate joy to your addressees. There is a large selection of smileys available, which you don’t even have to import, because they are available in Windows. Just try it out, because the smileys can be used everywhere. You can also benefit from this in other programs. 😊

Use the Windows smiley database:

Have you ever tried the key combination of Windows key and .-key (dot)? If not, it’s about time. You get access to a lot of different smileys in a consistent style. Gone are the days of huge, creepy looking smileys. Only people who don’t know anything about the internet do that nowadays. 😛

Step-by-step instructions:

This way you can insert a smiley:

  • Start a new mail
  • Clicks in the text field
  • Press Windows- & dot-key
  • Select one of the many smileys. It will be inserted in the selected place
  • Done!

This way you can save a smiley via shortcut directly in Outlook:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the tab “File” and “Options”
  • Switch to the “Mail” tab and click on “Editor Options” and “AutoCorrect Options”
  • In the “Replace” field, first enter your shortcode. (e.g. :thumb:)
  • Click in the “Through” field, press Windows & dot key and select a smiley (e.g. thumbs up)
  • Click on Add and OK
  • If you now type :thumbs: in a mail, the thumbs up smiley will be created automatically
  • Done!

The integration into Windows has made it very easy to use emojis in Outlook. But with the shortcut, you can go one step further and never have to search for smileys again in the future. We hope that this post has helped you. Now you can convince your friends of the great possibilities that can be used in other apps as well!

Video tutorial:

coming soon

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