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Outlook Signature

Outlook Signature – how to add or change it

If you have to write a lot of e-mails for business or private purposes, you should make life as easy as possible for yourself. A good way to start is to set up an Outlook signature so that it is always sent automatically and without errors. This can save a lot of time during the day. We would like to show you how to set up a signature in Outlook. We don’t only want to show you a simple text signature, but also how to create a signature with a logo and a link to your website.

A signature in Outlook offers many possibilities:

In addition to customizing the signature in Outlook, you can also specify in which cases it should be sent. Is it only intended for the first contact, but not for forwarding or replies? No problem. This can be defined very easily. This also allows you to use a different signature for the first contact as for later replies. Especially your own logo does not have to be sent again with the hundredth reply. This keeps mails shorter and clearer.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Outlook
  • Click on “File” and at the bottom right on “Options”
  • Switch to the “E-Mail” tab
  • Click on “Signatures”
  • Select “New” to create a new signature and give it a suitable name
  • In the field below you can now create your individual signature (this works like in any word processing program like Word)
  • For linking mark the text or the logo and click on the globe on the right
  • Then enter the homepage in the address bar
  • When you are done, save your signature
  • At the point “Select default signature” you can now assign a signature to each e-mail account. Here you also have to decide if the signature should only be used for your new messages or also when you reply to messages
  • If you want to change a signature, select it again and make your changes in the field below
  • Done!

If you now know how to add a signature in Outlook, it shouldn’t be a problem from now on when you want to change the signature in Outlook. The settings are in the same place and through the gained experience you know exactly how the editing works. In any case, we wish you good luck with your future emails!

Video tutorial:

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