Outlook Dark Mode / Word Dark Mode / Excel Dark Mode | Tutorial

Outlook Dark Mode

Outlook Dark Mode / Word Dark Mode / Excel Dark Mode

Nowadays, people work not only during the day, but often in the evening or even at night. A bright interface is not particularly pleasant for the eyes. Likewise, the change can be worthwhile in bright sunlight. Therefore we would like to show you in this video how you can switch on the Dark Mode in Outlook. The setting is not really difficult if you know where it is hidden, but you need this information first.

Also works for Word Dark Mode and Excel Dark Mode:

Since Microsoft software is usually purchased as part of the entire Office package, the same settings options are also available for Word and Excel. The settings do not even have to be made separately in each program. Therefore, if you set the dark mode in Outlook, the option is quickly and easily transferred to all existing programs. Quite practical in our opinion!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Outlook, Word or Excel
  • Click on the “File” tab
  • Select the item “Office Account”
  • Change “Office Theme” from white to dark gray or black
  • Done!

We find it very good that Microsoft Office is not only available in a complete dark mode, but also in dark gray. This way, the design and the darkness can be adjusted a bit more to the user’s preferences. After all, a black background is not always particularly pleasant for the eyes. With the right settings, we hope you continue to have fun using Microsoft Office at any time of the day or night!

Video tutorial:

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