How to set out of office in Outlook | Tutorial

How to set out of office in Outlook

How to set out of office in Outlook

Outlook is a great way to manage your daily office routine. But what happens if you are away for a longer period of time? Then you should use an automatic reply. We show you how to set an out of office message in Outlook. In this way, people know directly that the message can either be processed at a later time or that it might be noticed by a colleague. In any case, it can be worthwhile to prevent customers or colleagues from feeling ignored and receiving further and, above all, angry mails.

Set up automatic response in Outlook – with many setting options!

Setting up an out-of-office note in Outlook is very simple in itself. What is especially nice is that you have so many settings options. You can define who should receive such a reply, e.g. only people with certain email extensions or messages marked with priority. This way the reply will only be sent out when it makes sense in your opinion.

Step-by-step instructions:

First you need to create a template:

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to “New e-mail” and write a suitable message to be sent as a reply
  • When you are done, go to “File” -> “Save As”
  • Set the file type to “Outlook Template”, give it a name and press “Save”
  • Close the mail

This is how you set up the automatic reply:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on “Rules” -> “Manage rules and alerts” in the “Move” section of the ribbon (Could be hidden behind the three dots on the right)
  • Select the right mailbox in the upper right corner and click on “New rule”.
    Click on “Apply rules to messages I receive”
  • Select (optional) conditions. If you don’t select anything and click on continue, all conditions apply (default)
  • As action select “Reply to this with a specific template”
  • In the rule description click on the link in the word “Template”
  • Set “Search in” to “Templates in the file system” and search for your message. Then press “Open”
  • If necessary, you can now set exceptions. This is worthwhile if certain mails should not be answered with your message. But normally this is not necessary
  • In the last step give a suitable name for your rule and choose if it should be active immediately
  • Done

But don’t forget to switch off the automatic message after your vacation! This can be done again in the ribbon under “Move” -> “Rules” -> “Manage rules and notifications”.

If you know how to do it, you can set up the out-of-office note in just a few seconds, even if you haven’t created a template in Outlook before. We wish you a lot of success with it and hope that you will get away from the many mails of your daily work routine during your vacation! Have fun!

Video tutorial:

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