How to create a distribution list in Outlook | Tutorial

How to create a distribution list in Outlook

How to create a distribution list in Outlook

Outlook has established itself in the everyday office life of many users, not only during Corona. It can also be worthwhile to use it privately, as more and more messages are exchanged by e-mail rather than by letter. However, the large number of messages also calls for simplifications. For example, if you want to send messages to many people at the same time, who always belong to the same group, you can create a distribution list in Outlook, so that you can save a lot of time. We will therefore show you how to create an Outlook distribution list to simplify your work in the future.

Create Outlook email distribution list and save time:

If you only have to type out one distribution list instead of 20 mail addresses, you definitely get more out of life. But it is also worthwhile for other reasons. Besides the motivation to do such a job manually, you can also make sure that less mistakes happen when typing. If mails were always missing from some recipients because you mistyped the address or people were simply forgotten, this is now a thing of the past.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Outlook
  • Click on the contacts icon in the lower left corner (two figures)
  • Click on “New contact group” in the upper left corner
  • First give a name to your distribution list
  • Now select “Add members” and decide if you want to get them from your Outlook contacts or from the address book. Manual input is also possible
  • For example, select the appropriate contacts in the address book and press “Members” after the selection. The people will now be listed below
  • If you are satisfied with the list, click OK
  • Click on “Save & Close” in the contact group
  • Done

With just a few clicks you can create your own contact group and conveniently send it to many people. We recommend the use of distribution lists in any case, because there are much nicer and more important tasks. We hope that this article helped you and wish you a lot of fun using Outlook and other Microsoft solutions.

Video tutorial:

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