How to change language in Outlook | Tutorial

How to change language in Outlook

How to change language in Outlook

Depending on how many users a computer has, it can be useful to change the language in Outlook. Or even if the language has changed itself. Sounds strange, but there are such “miracles” in technology every now and then! Therefore we show you in this video, in which area you can find the appropriate solution. Because changing the language is an extensive term. In addition to the user interface, Outlook also has a separate function for the spell checker, so we would like to present you the complete package right away!

Automatically change language in Outlook? Is that possible?

Outlook provides a function that the language of the user interface is automatically oriented to Microsoft Windows, which usually makes sense. An automatic adjustment is therefore possible. Only if you don’t want that exactly and specifically want another language, you have to become active in the settings. Fortunately, the corresponding functions are not particularly difficult to find.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on “File” in the upper right corner and on “Options”
  • Switch to the Language tab
  • Click on the language you want to set as display language. Now click on “Up” on the right side until the language is at the top. It now gets the addition <preferred>
  • If the language you want is not there, click on the link “Install more display languages from” and select it. A web page will open with the option to download

So you can set the language of the spell checker:

  • In the field below you will find additional languages for the spell checker. These are often based on the installed languages in Windows
  • Select a language and click on “Set as preferred” on the right
  • If necessary, you can install additional languages via the link above

Whether you want to change the language in Outlook for the spell checker or for the user interface itself. Actually, it’s all quite simple once you’ve found the function. We hope you were able to choose the right language for you now and wish you good luck with your work in Outlook!

Video tutorial:

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