How to auto forward emails in Outlook | Tutorial

How to auto forward emails in Outlook

How to auto forward emails in Outlook

Far too often, people today are reachable even on vacation or at night. Wouldn’t it be good to turn off the mails? We show you how to auto forward emails in Outlook. This has the advantage that the mails do not run into the void and can be processed by another person. A forwarding in Outlook can therefore provide much more relaxation. It is not for nothing that many researchers are concerned, as more and more people are confronted with work even in their free time. Forwarding is a good step in a different direction.

Set up Outlook forwarding – here’s how:

Outlook offers all necessary setting options – and even more. So you can not only redirect all mails. Theoretically, mails can also be searched for different words and a redirection only takes place for very specific terms. This allows you to create very individual rules, so that an exact sorting can take place even when you are absent.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Outlook
  • Click in the tab Start, in the group Move on Rules and then “Manage rules and notifications”
  • First select the desired mailbox at the top and then click on “New Rule”
  • Click on “Apply rule on messages I receive” and Next
  • In the new window you can now specify individual conditions. If you want all conditions (default), just click on next
  • Now select “forward this to person orpublic group”. In the second step, click on the blue link (of a person/public group) below
  • Enter the desired email either from the address book or enter it manually below. Press OK and Next
  • Now you can set exceptions, e.g. which words should not be forwarded? If you do not want any exceptions, press Next
  • Give a name to your rule (e.g. Holiday forwarding)
  • Check the box “Activate this rule” and “Finish”
  • In the tab Start, in the group Move to Rules and “Manage rules and notifications” you can enable or disable the new rule or delete it if needed
  • Done!

This may sound like a lot of work at first, but it’s not. The rule wizard guides you quickly through the desired steps and if you know which points to pay attention to, then the vacation forwarding is set up within a minute. So it’s time to get started and then off to the sun! We wish you much success with Outlook and now also more free time!

Video tutorial:

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