How to add holidays to Outlook calendar | Tutorial

How to add holidays to Outlook calendar

How to add holidays to Outlook calendar

Outlook, with its integrated calendar, is an interesting tool to manage all your appointments. The integrations to sites like Google also make it attractive to use. But especially when planning, it is important to know which days fall on a holiday. Therefore we would like to show you how to add holidays in your Outlook calendar. You can decide for which country you want to import the holidays into Outlook.

Easy import of holidays directly into Outlook:

Outlook provides the appropriate functions for holidays by default. Therefore, if you want to import holidays, you can download the data directly from the Outlook server. This happens completely automatically if the correct settings are made in the functions.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on “Start”
  • Select “Options” -> “Calendar”
  • In the “Calendar options” section click on the “Add holidays” button
  • Select the desired countries and click on “OK”
  • The data will be automatically downloaded and added to your Outlook calendar
  • Done!

As you can see, it only takes a few steps to import the holidays. So in the future you will always know when you should make appointments and when not. Just give it a try and check out our other Outlook tutorials when you get a chance!

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