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Short link checker

Short link checker

Short links are a handy way to make very long and unattractive links a bit neater. However, many dubious sources also use shortlinks to hide the true path and lure you to dubious sites. Therefore, it can be useful to use a short link checker for unknown sources. This shows you a preview of the linked page, so you look through the keyhole and can quickly see whether behind the shortlink is what you were promised. If not, you can still decide not to click on it.

That’s why you should use a shortlink checker:

If you don’t know the person you are linking to, you should be careful on the Internet these days. Often, just visiting the website is enough to catch malware or other problems. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, just save the Shortlink Checker and always use it on your first visit. If you can trust the person linking later, you can of course do without it.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the website
  • Enter the desired short link and click Expand
  • Below you will find a lot of information like the complete link, the title or how other websites rate the security of the page
  • Done!

Our conclusion: Security is especially important on the Internet nowadays. All too quickly, data or even more is stolen and your own computer is infected with malware. If you want to avoid this, it makes sense to use a virus program and a shortlink checker. The trend towards shortlinks is unbroken and will continue to grow in the future!

Video tutorial:

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