PS3 Controller on PC | Tutorial

PS3 Controller on PC

PS3 Controller on PC

If you want to play with a controller on the computer, you can do so with an XBox controller without any problems, since Microsoft has built in compatibility directly due to its own brand. But what if you want to use a PS3 controller on PC? This is also possible, as there is software that makes the computer think it has a different controller here. With the MotionInJoy software it is no problem to connect a Sony PS3 controller to a PC. And we want to show you how it works.

Connect PS3 controller on PC – here’s how:

Since a PS3 controller still works with a cable, we would like to present only such a solution in the first step. Therefore, the controller is simply connected to the computer via USB and the software takes care of the rest. Starting with PS4, this was already something else with Bluetooth. We will go into this topic in more detail in another article.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First download MotionInJoy
  • Open the program, which is now called DS3 Tool (best run as administrator)
  • Connect your controller
  • Under “Driver Manager” you can download the latest drivers, if you have problems using them
  • Now select under “Profiles” which controller your controller should emulate (we fool Windows into thinking we are using an Xbox controller, which is necessary for most games)
  • Select “Xbox 360 Controller Emulator”
    Click on “Enable”
  • Now you can use the Playstation controller for games on the computer
  • Done!

With a few steps you can play any PC game with a PS3 controller. The only condition is, of course, that the game offers the corresponding controller support. If this is the case, there is nothing stopping you. We wish you a lot of fun while gaming!

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