How to play a video backwards | Tutorial

How to play a video backwards

How to play a video backwards

Sometimes it’s all about fun. Got a funny shot that you think would be fun to have the video play backwards? Then luckily there are tools for that. We’ve already shown you how to play a video backwards in Adobe Premiere, but it’s understandable if you don’t want to sign up for an Adobe subscription just for one-time use. So we looked around for solutions where you can play a video backwards and save it right away without incurring any costs. Clideo is the right address for this. Even though there is a paid version, the free version is definitely sufficient for the normal user.

Save and play video backwards – easily online:

By the way, there are plenty of websites for backward playback and saving. The big problem here, however, is usually how big the files can be. We chose Clideo because the files can be much larger than with other providers, but that doesn’t mean that other solutions can’t be good as well. The tool also offers some free additional features, so it is definitely worth a visit.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the Clideo website
  • Upload your file
  • Select the reverse speed (normal 1x)
  • Uncheck the “Mute video” box as needed
  • At the bottom left you can select the video format
  • Click on “Reverse”
  • Click on “Download” in the next window
    • The function “Remove watermark” is chargeable
  • Done!

Finding a suitable tool to save a video backwards is thus quick. Even though the number of functions is limited, it will be enough for the simple user who just wants to quickly reverse a video. And if you need more, then the Adobe subscription might be worth it for you. Because there are almost no limits to what you can do.

Video tutorial:

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