How to open iso Files (with Daemon Tools) | Tutorial

How to open iso files

How to open iso Files (with Daemon Tools)

The question on the tip of most people’s tongues is: What is an iso file and how to open iso files? A rather simple, but understandable answer would be that an iso file is in the final effect a virtual image of a CD or DVD. After all, there is no file on a disk, they are just on it. The concept of the iso file was created so that the virtual image could be sent over the Internet and burned as a DVD on site. Today, however, you can also open an iso file without having to burn it. This not only saves time, but also material and costs and is therefore recommended in most cases.

This is how you to open iso files:

Nowadays there are programs like Daemon Tools that allow you to create a virtual drive. And in this virtual drive, the virtual CD can be opened in the form of an .iso file. There are of course alternatives to Daemon Tools, but we are more than convinced of the free lite version, because it has helped us in many cases.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First download Daemon Tools Lite (Click on Download, it’s a free version with ads)
  • Open “Drives” and “Add Drive” for a new virtual drive
  • Click on your new drive at the bottom to select an iso file from your computer
  • Select your iso file and click on the “Play” button at the bottom in the form of the green triangle
  • From here on the iso file will be treated like a CD. The further use is therefore self-explanatory
  • Done!

If you want to open an iso file, it’s no longer witchcraft. If necessary, select another program that can create a virtual drive and then the use of these programs is very simple. Especially when downloading a Windows operating system directly from Microsoft, you will not get around an iso file. We wish you good luck!

Video tutorial:

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