How to create a PDF (using PDF24 Creator) | Tutorial

How to create a PDF

How to create a PDF (using PDF24 Creator)

If you want to know how to create a PDF from images or combine documents as a multi-page PDF, we have something for you. Today we present you a tool with which this is very easy possible. PDF24 Creator offers a wide range of functions, from the conversion of other file formats to a PDF manager, in which pages can be merged and sorted. Anyone who often has to deal with the composition of PDFs should definitely take a look at the software.

Create PDF for free – here’s how:

After downloading PDF24 Creator, you can simply import all the desired files into the program. Depending on the requirements, a quick conversion into the PDF format can be made or first an editing and sorting. In general, the program can handle all the necessary work in this area, even if the menu navigation may take a little getting used to. And if you don’t want a tool on your PC, there is also an version of PDF24 Creator, where you can create your PDF online. Check it out!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First download PDF24 Creator and install the program
  • Drag your different images into the workspace
  • First sort the documents in the right order using the arrows
  • Click on the double rings to connect the documents
  • Click on the disk and choose your saving options, then your saving location
  • Done!

Our conclusion: PDF24 Creator belongs on every computer that has to create a PDF sooner or later. And especially with many documents for notaries, lawyers or even offices, the program is a great help to be able to compile the corresponding data quickly and clearly. And thanks to the entry in the context menu (right mouse click) you can convert the desired files very quickly.

Video tutorial:

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