How to change website design (e.g. Youtube / Facebook) | Tutorial

How to change website design

How to change website design (e.g. Youtube / Facebook)

If you’ve ever wanted to change the design on Facebook or YouTube, there were very few options in the past. In the meantime, however, there are sites that allow you to download and use corresponding styles for various platforms. So if you don’t like the Twitter design either, there will be a suitable ‘variant for this as well. Weh show you how to change a website design within seconds!

This is how you can change the Youtube design:

Of course, sometimes there is a new design from Youtube itself. But here you usually have no choice and are forced to use it anyway. With the Stylish extension, on the other hand, you remain completely free in the selection and can thus also select a dark design as night mode for Facebook and Co. In any case, it can be worthwhile to install the extension for the major platforms. There are usually dozens of interesting designs in it.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Search on Google “Stylish Chrome Web Store”
  • Click on the “Stylish” extension
  • Click on “+ FREE
  • Now go to the web page for which you want different colors
  • At the top right click on the new Stylish icon and select “Find more styles for this website”
  • Now choose a suitable design
  • Click on the design and select “+ Install with Stylish”
  • the last loaded theme will be used automatically
  • You can also select other styles using the Stylish icon
  • Done!

Whether you want to change the Facebook design or are looking for solutions for other platforms, Stylish is for you! We tried it out too, and we are usually very picky about such designs. However, even for us there was something that we found very pleasant. Since Stylish is free, it definitely can’t hurt to give the extension a try!

Video tutorial:

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