How do I screen record on my phone | Tutorial

How do I screen record on my phone

How do I screen record on my phone

Again and again, the question of how to record one’s own cell phone screen can be found on the Internet. Often, such a function or app is associated with the fact that you have root access. But today we will show you how it is possible to record the screen of your phone without root. We get around the problem in a way, as we stream the phone screen to the PC, from where you can record it very conveniently. However, for the user, there are also other advantages that can be beneficial when recording the screen in any case.

Mobizen – more than just screen recording

With Mobizen you stream your mobile screen. The special feature: You can also control your phone through the program. Just use the mouse to click on the apps. This way you can control the apps easily and you don’t have to handle your phone while streaming. That’s why we have always used Mobizen for our mobile tutorials!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the Mobizen software on your PC
  • Download the Mobizen app also on your cell phone
  • Create an account on your PC (simple registration possible without confirmation)
  • Open the software and log in with your data and click on Connect
  • Open the app on your cell phone and enter a predefined PIN that you have assigned yourself
  • After that a connection is active, which also works over the WLan and does not require a cable
  • Open the Mobizen app and click on Record Screen
  • The app will minimize itself and you will find a small icon on the side that looks like the app
  • Click on the icon and take screenshots, recordings or go to settings
  • Done!

Our conclusion: If you want to record your cell phone screen or simply operate your smartphone on the PC, Mobizen is the right choice. A connection via WiFi is already sufficient, so that the cell phone does not even have to lie next to you. We recommend the program in any case, because it is easy to use even for beginners and is very self-explanatory.

Video tutorial:

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