Desktop Goose – “Almost” like Untitled Goose Game for your Desktop

Desktop Goose

Desktop Goose – “Almost” like Untitled Goose Game for your Desktop

The Untitled Goose Game has recently become an absolute insider tip. In the game by Nameless Media, you take on the role of a goose and start playing various pranks on people in order to unlock achievements and game progress. With Desktop Goose, a developer has come up with a nice idea of how to bring the charm of the Goose Game to your own desktop. So the Goose starts running around on your own desktop, leaving footprints or dragging various messages and pictures into the viewing area. Besides an occasional honk, that’s apparently it. At least until you start closing the windows dragged into view. Then the goose gets mad and tries to catch the mouse cursor. If it catches the cursor, it runs away with it and releases it only after a short time. Nothing productive, but a nice idea.

Our tip: Install on the computer of friends:

DesktopGoose is certainly only interesting for a few seconds on your own computer if you know all the features. But the reactions of friends to the little program could be funny. We too have tried it out on friends and the Goose’s behavior makes for some great moments. It’s best to stick around so you can see your friends’ reactions live and clear up this little joke if in doubt. Don’t let them think it’s some kind of virus that you can now see.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download the program HERE (click on “No thanks, just take me to the downloads for a free download)
  • Extract the file to the desktop
  • Open the folder and run Desktop Goose
  • Done. Now enjoy the wild action of your new friend
  • Tip: When you’ve had enough of DesktopGoose, hold down the ESC key for about 5 seconds. This is how get rid of Desktop Goose
  • Alternatively, you can also turn off the software via the Task Manager
  • Done!

Even if Desktop Goose cannot replace the Untitled Goose Game in German, it is at least a nice gimmick for a short time. At least it is interesting to see how a small animal, in this case the goose, can cause so much euphoria on the Internet. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun and hope that you will use our tutorial to prepare some action on your friends’ computers as well. And if it should be something more, then take another look at the possibilities of the Humble Bundle. Have fun and… oh well… HONK!

Video tutorial:

coming soon

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