Opera Search Engine – How to change it | Tutorial

Opera Search Engine

Opera Search Engine – How to change it

Opera users have different preferences when it comes to using a search engine. Therefore, the browser has a built-in feature where you can even sort out the well-known search engine Google to use another one. But how do you actually do that? In this article, we will show you how you can change the Opera search engine and what options are generally available. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the search engine on the Opera start page cannot be changed, because it will always search with Google.

Important: Self-inserted search engines cannot be stored as default!

Especially Startpage and Ecosia are search engines that more and more users want to use for search queries. In general, Opera offers a function to add new search engines, but they cannot be set as default. In general, we also wonder why, because this takes away any sense of the function. Unfortunately, we can’t change it, but we would like to give you this hint so that you don’t have to search further.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Opera
  • Click on the Opera logo in the upper left corner and select “Settings”
  • Scroll until you see “Search engine” in the middle of the page
  • Select the search engine you want to use
  • Under “Manage search engines” you can also add your own search engines (but they can’t be set as default)
  • Done!

Whether Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia – the right search engine for your own Internet use is quickly found. We are of the opinion that this can be improved a bit, but the foundations for a suitable setting option are given. And from here on, we wish you a lot of fun using Opera!

Video tutorial:

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