OBS record audio only | Tutorial

OBS record audio only

OBS record audio only

OBs is very suitable for streaming, but also for recording. So you can record Let’s Plays as well as simple processes on your own computer. But what can you do if you only want to record audio in OBS? That’s not what the program was made for in the first place. We have therefore looked around a bit to see how this request can still be implemented. Depending on the result you expect, you will have to make some minor sacrifices. But don’t worry, we also offer a suitable alternative!

OBS Audio recording with video track only:

The problem with the setting you want is that OBS can’t create audio files, it can only ever create video. That means the only way to create audio-only is to have a black video running in the background because you turned off all sources. Therefore, Audacity may be better suited for such a purpose. For this we have already shown how to record system sound with Audacity. This can be easily saved as an audio file afterwards.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select a scene
  • Turn off the visibility of all sources. You do this by clicking on the eye
  • Set the audio sources for the recording correctly (for example your microphone, but also the system sound)
  • Start your recording
  • Save the recording
  • Done!

We are pretty sure that this approach is not exactly what you were hoping for. However, we think it was important to do the tutorial this way so that you can find it and we can offer you a suitable alternative. In general, Audacity is a program with many useful features. If you record often, you should definitely take a closer look at it.

Video tutorial:

coming soon

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