OBS Noise Gate / Noise Suppression | Tutorial

OBS Noise Gate

OBS Noise Gate / Noise Suppression | Tutorial

Streaming is your passion, but your equipment isn’t the best yet? Don’t worry! You don’t need the best microphone or webcam, even though it’s often more comfortable for viewers. The good news is that some flaws can be technically hidden. For example, if you have a microphone that is a bit noisy, you can activate the OBS Noise Gate. This way, your viewers won’t even notice that your microphone is not from the upper price range. We show you in a few steps how this works!

Attention: Noise suppression in OBS needs CPU power!

However, the feature in OBS is not without a price. Of course, someone has to do the constant editing of your audio track. In this case, it’s your CPU, which is used more and more. Fortunately, OBS offers you two options: One with more CPU load and one with less CPU load. If you free more resources, the result will be better. Often even the small adjustments are enough.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch OBS
  • In the audio mixer, right-click on the peg of your microphone
  • Select “Filters”
  • Click on the plus in the lower left corner and select “Noise Gate”
  • Give it a meaningful name
  • Select the noise reduction from the audio filters and set the method on the right side
  • You can choose between good quality with more CPU usage and low quality with less CPU usage
  • Done!

Actually, it’s not difficult if you can find the Noise Gate in OBS. If you have not yet set up your microphone, you can refer to our article that explains how to add a microphone in OBS. From then on, streaming and the right quality should no longer be a problem. In any case, we wish you much success with your streams!

Video tutorial:

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