How to add Mic to OBS / OBS Mic Settings | Tutorial

How to add mic to OBS

How to add Mic to OBS / OBS Mic Settings

If you want to start streaming, then Open Broadcaster Studio, or OBS for short, is the right choice. Not only is the program free, but it has become a clear favorite in this field over the past few years with many features. But how do you get started? First, you should set a microphone in OBS so that people can hear you. In this article, we will explain how to add a mic to OBS. So you can get started with your first stream today!

Up to 4 external audio sources possible:

Theoretically, you can connect not only one microphone, but up to 4. This is something that very few people will need, but it gives you the flexibility you need for larger projects. For example, in addition to your main microphone, you can also turn on your webcam and use a second location for recording. A good example for the use of different settings and settings were the streams of DrDisrepect.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start OBS
  • Click on the “Settings” button on the right
  • Switch to the “Audio” tab
  • Select the microphone you want to use from the dropdown menu at “Microphone/AUX Audio”
  • At 2-4 you can set alternative audio sources
  • Click on “Apply” at the bottom right
  • Done!

Setting up the right microphones in OBS is quick and easy. If you have any further questions about setting up your stream with the Open Broadcaster software, just let us know. We plan to record a lot more tutorials on this topic in the next weeks and can therefore currently respond to many suggestions. And now we wish you a lot of fun and success with streaming!

Video tutorial:

coming soon

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