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Thesaurus in Word

Thesaurus in Word

No matter whether you have to write texts for work or for leisure – it is always important to express yourself well. Words should not be repeated all the time. Therefore, it makes sense to use synonyms to prevent monotonous writing. But can you find a synonym in Word? The simple answer: Yes! You don’t have to turn to Google to find suitable substitute words, because Microsoft Word has the tool “Thesaurus”, which offers appropriate assistance. There are several ways to find the matching words in Microsoft Word.

This is how you can use Thesaurus in Word:

You have two options. When writing, you can quickly access a small selection of synonyms by right-clicking. However, you may not always find what you are looking for, especially if a word can have multiple meanings. But Thesaurus also has its own “library” where you can find all relevant and synonymous words. Thus, the right balance between fast work and extensive offer can be found. Therefore, if you ever have to write something for school or at work, you should at least know where Thesaurus is located and that you can use it to significantly improve your own way of expressing yourself.

Step-by-step instructions:

Option 1 – quick but limited selection:

  • Right-click on the word for which you are looking for a synonym
  • Click on Synonyms and select one of the suggested terms

Option 2 – the complete selection:

  • Click on the “Review” tab and in the “Proofing” section click on “Thesaurus”
  • Type the word in the search field and press Enter
  • Select a word from the list
  • With a right click you can copy the word or paste it to the current location
  • Done!

Thesaurus is probably one of the tools that at least users of Microsoft Word know and we find that a pity. However, the reason is probably that very few users need a correspondingly large vocabulary for their texts. If you are in the process of developing your vocabulary and need input in this area, then Thesaurus is definitely the right tool for you. We hope that we could help you with this article and wish you a lot of success with your texts in the future!

Video tutorial:

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