How to turn on automatic hyphenation in Word | Tutorial

How to turn on automatic hyphenation in Word

How to turn on automatic hyphenation in Word

Depending on how long words are in a text, it may make sense to separate them by syllables and continue writing in a new line. But you certainly don’t want to do this manually, as it would take a lot of time. Word’s hyphenation can relieve you of exactly this task. The program automatically recognizes the syllables of the respective words and can thus automatically ensure a correct separation. But how to turn on automatic hyphenation in Word and are there even more settings in for hyphenation? We will show you everything you need to know!

Automatic or manual hyphenation?

In addition to many setting options, you also have the option to check which words should be separated at which syllable. This function is especially useful at the end of your work to ensure a neat picture and also to make sure that certain words should perhaps not be separated. Because even if hyphenation saves space, it is not always useful for the reading flow!

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Switch to the “Layout” tab
  • Click on “Hyphenation” in the “Page Setup” group
  • Set the desired mode:
    • None – self-explanatory
    • Automatic – Word separates syllables in all necessary places
    • Manual – Word shows you all potential possibilities. You decide which word will be hyphenated and also at which syllable
  • The “Hyphenation options” offer you further possibilities:
    Automatically hyphenate document – Word separates syllables at all necessary places (as above)
  • Hyphenate words in CAPS – Deactivating this option can be useful for countries or technical terms, for example
  • Hyphenation zone – Only for old Word documents. Can be used so that short words are not separated (e.g. a-but)
  • Limit consecutive hyphens to: Describes how many lines in a row a hyphen may be at the end of the line. Can be useful especially for optical reasons
  • Done!

Hyphenation is a very useful tool due to the large database of known words and can save you work in Microsoft Word. However, it always depends on the individual requirements and especially the words, whether it makes sense to hyphenate. We hope we could give you a good overview, so that you can decide for yourself which use is advantageous for you!

Video tutorial:

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