How to strikethrough in Word (+ Shortcut) | Tutorial

How to strikethrough in Word

How to strikethrough in Word (+ Shortcut)

To make changes in a document visible quickly and easily or to express an alternative idea, it can be worthwhile if you can strike through text in Word. But how can this function be used? Where can it be found. And in many cases, you may want to have a shortcut for strikethrough in Word, so that you have the function “at hand” at all times. With this post we want to show you how to strikethrough text in Word and even get double strikethrough words if needed.

Cross out text in Microsoft Word – possible with a few clicks:

The function for crossing out text is actually quick to find, since the function is displayed in the ribbon like many others. This makes it relatively straightforward to use, even though strikethrough is not a common operation in Microsoft Word. If you still think that a faster use is necessary, then you can always simplify the strikethrough with a key combination.

Step-by-step instructions:

This way you can cross out text:

  • Select the text you want to cross out
  • In the “Home” tab, in the “Font” group, click the icon with the strikethrough text
  • Done!

This is how you create double strikethrough text:

  • Select the text you want to cross out
  • Click in the tab “Start” in the group “Font” on the small arrow in the lower right corner
  • In the new window you will find the item “Double strikethrough” under “Effects”. Set a check mark

How to create a shortcut in Word for crossing out text:

  • Go to the “File” tab and click on “Options”
  • Select “Customize Ribbon”
  • Click on “Customize” at the bottom of “Shortcuts”
  • Select the “Home Tab” in the left pane and “Strikethrough” in the right pane
  • Click in the line for “New shortcut” and enter the shortcut you want to use
  • Click on “Assign”
  • Done!

With a few clicks you can cross out text or even create double crossed out text in Word. We hope that we could help you with this tutorial and that you can increase your own productivity in the future. If you have further questions about Microsoft Word, please write us a comment on Youtube and we will be happy to produce the appropriate articles for you!

Video tutorial:

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