How to insert a page break in Word | Tutorial

How to insert a page break in Word

How to insert a page break in Word

With Microsoft Word you can write anything. From simple essays to your doctoral thesis. With increasing difficulty, however, the most important thing is appropriate formatting. Especially the pagination in Word is important to provide more clarity and separation of the individual topics. Therefore we would like to show you with this contribution two possibilities, how you can insert a page break with Word. Once you know the function, it is easy to use, so it is worthwhile in any case to add this function to your basic knowledge.

Why should I work with a page break in Word?

The page break provides not only in the “here and now” for a separation of second pages and so perhaps also topics. Even if you now continue writing in the upper area, a page break remains and the following topic starts on the new page. If, on the other hand, you would simply use line breaks by pressing the Enter key, this would move everything that follows. A page break therefore makes more than sense!

Step-by-step instructions:

Option 1:

  • Go to the end of the sentence after which you want the page break to appear
  • Click on Page Layout -> Page Breaks -> Page (or CTRL + ENTER) at the top

However, this method carries the risk of a blank page when the page break slides to a new blank page. Therefore, I recommend the second method.

Option 2:

  • Right-click on the paragraph before which you want to break the page
  • Click on “Paragraph”
  • Select the “Line and page break” tab
  • Check “Page break above” and click OK
  • Done!

Conclusion: If you want to work professionally in Microsoft Word, you should definitely add pagination to your repertoire. In this way, you can create clear elaborations which, thanks to this function, maintain the format all by themselves and can thus also save work in the future. And that’s what working with Microsoft Office is mostly about!

Video tutorial:

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