How to insert a line in Word (horizontal / vertical) | Tutorial

How to insert a line in Word

How to insert a line in Word (horizontal / vertical)

If you want to divide your work in Microsoft Word more precisely or if you want to link different areas visually, the use of lines in Word can pay off. We would like to show you in this article how to insert a line in Word, no matter if it should be horizontal or vertical. Besides “freehand” drawing, Microsoft will also provide you with some formatting in advance that you can use for yourself. Once you know these, then the creation of the appropriate line goes as if by itself.

Vertical or diagonal lines possible through “drawing tool”:

Vertical lines can hardly be meaningfully integrated into the formatting of Word due to the division into rows and blocks. Therefore, Microsoft has agreed on a kind of drawing tool, which creates the lines above these blocks. This allows to draw freely without destroying the block formatting from paragraphs. Actually quite clever, if one knows how to handle it as a user.

Step-by-step instructions:

This is how you can insert a vertical line in Word:

  • Click on the “Insert” tab
  • Select the Shapes in the “Illustrations” group
  • Click on the line
  • Place the cursor at the starting point and draw a line
  • Press the SHIFT key to fix the alignment in 45° directions
  • Release the cursor at the end point
  • Once the line is selected, you can change the shapes and colors of the line in the ribbon

This is how you can insert a horizontal line in Word:

  • Go to the line where you want to use the line
  • Use one of the following formatting:
    • 3x hyphen (—) and ENTER for a solid line
    • 3x equal sign (===) and ENTER for a double solid line
    • 3x underscore (_) and ENTER for a bold solid line
    • 3x asterisk (***) and ENTER for a dashed line
    • 3x hash key (###) and ENTER for a triple solid line
    • 3x round key (~~~) and ENTER for a wavy line
  • Done!

Especially the ready-made formatting makes the use of lines in Microsoft Word very easy, as long as you know the “secret” combinations for it first. With a little prior knowledge, however, you can save yourself a lot of work pretty quickly. Therefore, we hope that this article has helped you with your future projects in Microsoft Word.

Video tutorial:

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