How to insert a footnote in Word | Tutorial

How to insert a footnote in Word

How to insert a footnote in Word

Whether it is a technical paper or other text, it is not uncommon for citations to be used in order to make qualified statements. But it is important to indicate sources accordingly. For this purpose, you can insert a footnote in Word and thus refer to the website or a book. But a footnote in Word is also suitable if you want to explain certain terms in more detail. So you can provide more information by footnote. How you use the function in the end is up to you. In any case, you should know it.

Footnote in Word with many formatting options:

Footnotes are counted with numbers by default. If necessary, you can also change this to letters or symbols and have many other setting options. We tell you where you can find the formatting of footnotes and set everything individually.

Step-by-step instructions:

This is how you can insert a footnote:

  • Click with the mouse behind the word you want to add a footnote to
  • Go to the “References” tab and select “Insert footnote” in the “Footnotes” group
  • You will now be taken to the bottom of the page. Add the necessary information to your new footnote
  • Click back into the text and your footnote is created

This is how you can edit a footnote:

  • Just double click the number in the text
  • You will be brought back to the bottom of the page
  • Here you can change the text

This is how you can delete a footnote:

  • Mark the footnote in the text
  • Press the Delete key
  • The footnote is deleted. The following footnotes move up in the count (4 becomes 3, etc.)
  • Done

For further formatting options click on the small arrow in the “Footnotes” group. Here you can specify whether the footnotes should be listed at the end of the page, in how many columns or which number format should be used. The functions are self-explanatory. Just have a look at them!

As you can see, using footnotes is very simple. By the way, if you want to insert a footnote in Word using a keyboard shortcut, just press Alt+Ctrl+F. This is a great shortcut to make your work even more efficient. Especially with long texts you can save a little time that you can put into the quality of your work. We now wish you good luck with your work in Word and hope that you will think of us when you get a good grade!

Video tutorial:

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