How to do hanging indent on Word | Tutorial

How to do hanging indent on Word

How to do hanging indent on Word

For some technical papers or other projects a hanging indent is mandatory. Therefore, we would like to explain to you today what this is exactly and how to do a hanging indent on Word. This is actually quite simple, since Microsoft Word provides the appropriate functions for this – along with the correct setting options. But where exactly can you find this? We’ll explain that in detail, too, so that you can comply with the specifications for your work in any case. But first, let’s get to the basics.

What exactly is a hanging indent?

With a hanging indent, the first line is displayed normally. However, all following lines are indented and thus shorter than the first line. However, the formatting is not maintained until the end of the document, but of the paragraph. Therefore, if you want a hanging indent for another paragraph, this must also be set separately. This formatting is rarely used in everyday life, but it is common practice for scientific papers. Therefore it can’t hurt to know it.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select the paragraph where you want to set a hanging indentation
  • Right click on your selected text
  • Select “Paragraph”
  • At “Indentation” you can set the margins as you like
  • At “Special” change from (none) to hanging
  • At “By” you can set the indentation even more precisely
  • Click on OK
  • Done!

With the right knowledge, the hanging indent can be set up very quickly. You can even do this across paragraphs, so you don’t always have to set the function individually. Select multiple paragraphs and follow the procedure from the tutorial and you can edit multiple paragraphs simultaneously. And with that, we’re done and hope we could help you format your work properly. Feel free to let us know on Youtube with a comment. We are happy and see this as an incentive to continue making suitable videos and tutorials for you!

Video tutorial:

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