How to compare two Word documents | Tutorial

How to compare two Word documents

How to compare two Word documents

When working on texts and documents, changes occur all the time. But how can you check these changes afterwards? You can use a function that allows you to compare two Word documents. In this way, you can quickly find out where small differences exist, which is hardly possible with the naked eye in continuous text. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable solution, you should take a closer look at this function, because the work with it is easy and can save a lot of time. We will show you how to use the integrated tool in Word.

Compare different elements in Word documents:

The tool in Word lets you specify exactly which elements of the document should be compared. By default, all elements such as text, spaces or tables are selected. However, if you only want to check individual elements, you will find suitable setting options to keep the comparison clear. We will explain exactly how this works in the next section.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Start Word
  • Click on the “Review” tab and in the “Compare” section click on the “Compare” button
  • Now open the original document on the left and the modified document on the right
  • Click on Expand
  • Set the comparison settings according to your needs. If you do not want to compare certain elements, remove the checkmark
  • Select whether the changes should be compared on character or word level and where the changes should be displayed (we recommend a new document)
  • Click on OK
  • On the left you can see all revisions
  • In the middle is your new document. Click on the small red lines on the side to highlight the changes
  • You can continue editing the document and also save it
  • Done!

Comparing Word documents with each other and editing them afterwards is quick and easy with the compare function. We hope that we could help you with this article. If you have friends and colleagues who are also looking for Word tutorials, please feel free to recommend us. In the future we will expand this section even further!

Video tutorial:

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