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word count in Word

Character / word count in Word

It happens again and again that a word or character count has to be met for homework or other projects. Therefore the question arises, how to find out this quickly and easily in Word? The good news: You don’t need any additional tools for this, because the appropriate functions are already available in Microsoft Word. You always have the choice to count all characters and words or only a certain selection. We show you how to do this.

Three different ways to count words and characters in Word:

Why Microsoft Word provides exactly 3 ways to get to the corresponding function, we do not know. Nevertheless, it is not bad, because you can quickly find a suitable way for you that fits your own way of working. That is also the reason why we show you all three ways and then you can decide for the best one.

Step-by-step instructions:

In general: If you want all words and characters to be counted, then mark nothing. Otherwise, mark exactly the areas you want to count.

Option 1:

  • Start Word
  • Switch to the “Review” tab
  • In the group “Spelling” click on “Count words”

Option 2:

  • Press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + i

Option 3 (Our favorite):

  • At the bottom of the bar on the left side the number of words is displayed
  • Click on it
  • Done!

Especially the third option is particularly suitable in our opinion, since the function is always accessible, no matter in which tab of the ribbon we are. In addition, the shortcut with 3 keys is not particularly easy to use. In the end, however, it is of course up to you to choose a favorite here.

Video tutorial:

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