Today’s date in Excel (Automatic update) | Tutorial

Today's date in Excel

Today’s date in Excel (Automatic update)

Excel is also suitable for the preparation of serial letters or invoices. Of course, some data must be individually adjusted for each letter. If you want to make your work easier, you can insert certain entries, such as the date, so that they are already pre-filled. This way, today’s date in Excel can be updated automatically so that it adapts to the current day.

Function for date in Excel or rather a shortcut?

A matching function is of course great if you really need the date in EVERY letter. But what if you want to insert the date rather spontaneously? Then it can pay off if you know the right key combination to save yourself the trouble of entering the data. In the following you will learn exactly how both possibilities work.

Step-by-step instructions:

So you can enter the Excel date with a formula:

  • Select the desired cell
  • Enter this function =TODAY()
  • With =TODAY+14 you can for example generate the date in 14 days automatically. Handy for dunning deadlines or other deadlines! This also works with minus for automatic dates in the past
  • Done!

Alternatively, you can use this shortcut for the date: Ctrl + . (dot)

The function for an automatic date in Excel is more than self-explanatory, since it does not require a separate setting. Nevertheless, it is used less often than it would probably make sense. Therefore, we hope that we could show you when the function makes sense and when you should rather use the shortcut for it.

Video tutorial:

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