How to remove space in Excel | Tutorial

How to remove space in Excel

How to remove space in Excel

When transferring data into Excel, it is not uncommon for minor formatting errors to occur. These are characterized by unknown characters and symbols, but also by spaces. We would like to show you a simple way how to remove space in Excel. Fortunately, this is almost fully automatic, so you can spend your time on more important matters, while Excel can check and edit thousands of records in a few moments. And if you’re familiar with our Udemy workshop on Microsoft Excel, you’ll know that efficiency is a very high priority for us.

Remove spaces in Excel using the search function:

With CTRL + F you can perform a search in Excel, a browser or many other programs to find certain words or character strings. The same principle can also be used to find spaces. Of course, this alone would be nothing special, but the search function in Microsoft Excel offers a crucial feature that we would like to take advantage of in this case.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select all cells where you want to remove spaces
  • Press CTRL + F
  • Switch to the “Replace” tab
  • Enter a space in the “Search for” field
  • At Replace with enter nothing
  • Press “Replace all”
  • Excel will now tell you how many values have been replaced
  • Done!

Removing spaces in Microsoft Excel is actually very easy if you have the right functions at hand. Therefore, we hope that we could save you a lot of work with this post and that you can work even more efficiently from now on. If you have any further questions, just let us know in a comment under a Youtube video.

Video tutorial:

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