How to remove duplicates in Excel | Tutorial

How to remove duplicates in Excel

How to remove duplicates in Excel

It is not uncommon to get poorly sorted lists where content is duplicated. This can massively distort the result. Therefore, in this article we would like to take a closer look at how to remove duplicates in Excel. Fortunately, Excel offers an easy way to highlight and remove duplicates, but you have to know where the corresponding function is hidden. With a little experience, duplicate values are no longer a challenge and can be removed in a few seconds.

In Excel, highlight duplicate values instead of deleting them:

Sometimes duplicate values are also justified, for example if a customer orders the same product twice, so that the invoice amount also appears twice. But of course it can be useful to know in advance if there are duplicate values. In Excel, you can use conditional formatting to show duplicate values, so that you can also check the list manually before automatically removing all duplicates.

Step-by-step instructions:

This way you can delete duplicates in Excel:

  • Select the area that should be checked for duplicates
  • In the “Data” tab in the “Data tools” group click on “Remove duplicates”
  • If your selection does not have a heading, you must first uncheck the “Data has headings” checkbox
  • Click on “OK”
  • Excel will now tell you how many duplicate values have been removed

This way you can mark duplicate values in Excel:

  • Select the area that should be checked for duplicates
  • In the “Start” tab, in the “Styles” group, click on “Conditional formatting”
  • Select the subitem “Duplicate values” in the “Rules for highlighting cells
  • Set the desired color in the new window on the right and click on “OK”
  • Done!

Quite simple, really, isn’t it? Excel offers an automatic solution for almost all concerns, so that you can quickly and easily make progress with the processing of lists and tables. And if you still have one or the other question, then you will find many more suitable Microsoft Excel tutorials or videos on our site. Just have a look!

Video tutorial:

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