How to freeze a row in Excel (row, columns & panes) | Tutorial

How to freeze a row in Excel

How to freeze a row in Excel (row, columns & panes)

Large tables can be created very easily and reliably in Microsoft Excel. However, clarity is often one of the most important points, so that data remains meaningful, even if the table becomes larger. Especially important are table labels, which give meaning to the data in the first place. We would like to show you how to freeze a row in Excel so that it is always visible as a heading above your table, no matter how far you scroll down. Besides rows, you can of course also freeze a column in Excel in this way. Since the procedure is almost identical, you will learn both at once!

In Excel, freeze the top row or several at once:

Sometimes the top line is not enough to convey enough information to be visible all the time. In this case you can easily select several lines and freeze them together. For example, you can freeze 4 lines at the same time or, of course, you can also use this for columns. In the application you remain flexible later, once you have understood the basic principle.

Step-by-step instructions:

So you can freeze the top row or first column in Excel:

  • In the “View” tab, in the “Windows” group, click the “Freeze Window” button
  • Select “Freeze top row” or “Freeze first column”
  • If you want unfreeze, click on the “Unfreeze” button in the same menu

This way you can freeze multiple rows or columns in Excel:

  • Select the row or column that is behind the desired range
    • Example: If you want to freeze 4 rows, click in a cell of the 5th row
    • If you want to freeze the columns A-C, click in a cell of column D
  • If you want to unfreeze, click in the same menu on “Unfreeze”
  • Done!

With a few clicks you can significantly improve the operation and overview of your worksheets. Therefore, freezeing rows, columns and panes is a function you should know, as it is suitable for almost all projects. And from here we wish you continued success and fun with your Microsoft Excel worksheets. If you have any further questions, feel free to let us know in a comment on Youtube.

Video tutorial:

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