How to cross out text in Excel | Tutorial

How to cross out text in Excel

How to cross out text in Excel

As in many other programs that work with text, Excel also offers the possibility to strike out text. However, this is not as obvious as in Word, since such formatting of text in Microsoft Excel plays a minor role. Nevertheless, we would like to show you how you can cross out text in Excel.

This is how you can strike through text in Excel:

As always, there is a simple shortcut and a way in the menus that requires two or three more clicks. We’ll show you both ways, of course, so you can decide for yourself which method to work with. Also, it can be helpful to know the long way to get an understanding of Microsoft Excel’s menu navigation.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select the text you want to cross out. This can be a whole cell or just a small selected part of a longer text inside the cell
  • In the tab “Start”, in the group “Font” click on the small arrow pointing to the bottom right
  • In the window that opens you will find “Effects” in the lower left corner
  • Check the box “Strikethrough” and click OK
  • Done!

Excel text strikethrough with shortcut:

  • You can do without the long way if you press CTRL + 5 during your selection. Also then the selected text will be crossed out

The right formatting makes a lot of difference in Excel. Therefore, you should also know the smaller functions that you may not need so often, but still serve their purpose. Maybe you have found other ways to format your data and make it more descriptive this way. In any case, we wish you continued success in your work with Microsoft Excel!

Video tutorial:

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