How to calculate age in Excel | Tutorial

How to calculate age in Excel

How to calculate age in Excel

You may have wondered exactly how old you are. While you usually know this by heart in years, it is already more difficult with months, let alone the days. However, with the right function and a little knowledge in Excel, you can calculate your age and quickly find out exactly how old you are. The corresponding functions are versatile usable in Excel and by the right combination a descriptive result comes out.

Calculate age in Excel with DATEDIF:

DATEDIF is the appropriate function for this task. But it is a bit tricky, because on the one hand the function is not suggested in Excel and on the other hand it depends on the right combination of all parameters. Therefore, we would like to explain to you exactly how to calculate age in Excel.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Excel and store in cell A1 your date, from which should be counted (Of course, any other cell works, but then you have to adjust the function)
  • You need now the function: =DATEDIF(A1;TODAY();Interval)
    • The following intervals can be used:
    • “Y” = years are counted
    • “M” = months are counted
    • “D” = days are counted
  • However, one does not want double counts. Therefore a function with “Y” and “D” does not make sense, since so first all years and afterwards still all days are counted. One would be twice as old
    • For this we need two more counting options:
    • “YM” counts all months, which remain after full years
    • “MD” counts all days which are left after full months
  • Therefore, an exact specification of years, months and days looks like this:
    • =DATEDIF(A1;TODAY();”Y”) & ” years ” & DATEDIF(A1;TODAY();”YM”) & ” months and ” & DATEDIF(A1;TODAY();”MD”) & ” days”

To calculate the age in Excel is not witchcraft, but requires some knowledge of the respective functions. We hope that we could give you some help so that you can not only use the function blindly, but also understand what exactly is behind it. In any case, you are now a little smarter, even if it’s just the info about your exact age!

Video tutorial:

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