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Excel Drop Down List

Excel Drop Down list

The later use of tables can not only be prepared well in Microsoft Excel, but often also simplified to such an extent that bottle entries can be prevented. A good way to do this is to create an Excel drop down list, with which predefined answer options can be used. If new users therefore use an unfamiliar table, misunderstandings can be quickly eliminated if the only suitable answers are already predefined.

Create drop down in Excel and completely disallow wrong answers:

When you create a dropdown in Excel you have several options how the answer should be checked. For example, you can specify that other answers can also be entered. Furthermore, it is conceivable that this is possible, but that a hint is displayed that you can label individually. Last but not least, you can also specify that incorrect answers cannot be confirmed, so that deviations will not occur.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Select a single cell or a range of cells
  • In the “Data” tab, in the “Data tools” group, click on the drop-down menu with the name “Data validation”
  • In the “Settings” tab change the validity criterion
    • A predefined list will appear, which you can now simply enter as source
    • Via “User defined” you can also manually list different inputs”
    • The items “Ignore empty cells” and “Cell dropdown” are left active
  • In the tab “Input message” you can define whether information should be displayed when one of the dropdown cells is selected. Normally this is not necessary
  • The tab “Error message” defines which action should be executed in case of wrong entries
    • First set the checkmark if you want to get the corresponding information
    • The type “Information” informs about the wrong input, but can simply be confirmed with “OK”
    • The type “Warning” allows the user to select if he wants to execute the wrong input (with yes/no selection option)
    • The type “Stop” prohibits a confirmation of a wrong value. Wrong entries, can thus not be deposited
  • You can add an individual message to each message
  • Done!

With a few clicks, many mistakes can be avoided in the future. We therefore recommend the use of drop down menus in Microsoft Excel in many areas. And with the right settings around incorrect entries, you can significantly reduce future editing efforts. We wish you now much success and fun with the use of drop down lists in Excel. If you have further questions, you can also find many new videos on Microsoft Office on our Youtube channel. Feel free to have a look!

Video tutorial:

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