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Excel Count

Excel COUNT (formula)

It is not uncommon that the number of certain values or cells is to be counted in Microsoft Excel. With clear data sets, a COUNT function does not appear to be necessary for this, since data can also be quickly added up in the visible area. The number formula is mainly used for large amounts of data. If, for example, there are more than 1000 cells in a data area (exact value unknown, therefore should be counted), manual counting is no longer conceivable. With the Excel COUNT function, the range can be defined quickly so that the number of cells used is output immediately.

Examples of use of the COUNT formula in Excel:

Count single values:=COUNT(5,7,3,8,13,…)
Count several cells:=COUNT(A2,B3,C7,R4,…)
Count one row:=COUNT(14:14)
Count one column:=COUNT(O:O)
Count a range:=COUNT(B4:T13)

In Excel, count the number of cells with content:

According to the definition, one could assume that with ANZAHL the quantity of the defined cells is counted per se. However, this is not the case. The number function counts only cells with content. If you define a range with 50 cells, but only 8 of them have values, the result of the COUNT function will also be only 8. A logical aspect in the form of IF and NOT EMPTY is therefore not necessary with NUMBER.

IMPORTANT: The condition that only contents are counted does not include text. If there are 8 cells with numbers and one with text, the function will also output 8 as result!


Value can be an absolute number, a (relative or absolute) cell reference, or a cell range (see examples above)
Other values. A total of up to 255 arguments can be counted in a COUNT function

Counting may not be necessary for every job in Microsoft Excel. However, if it is, the task often revolves around unmanageably large amounts of data. Therefore, the COUNT function makes sense to keep manual effort to a minimum. The fact that only cells with a value are counted makes it even easier to use, since no conditions need to be defined.

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