Upload to Instagram from PC | Tutorial

Upload to Instagram from PC

Upload to Instagram from PC

Instagram is on everyone’s lips these days, whether you like it or not. People who photograph themselves or even their food can therefore be found everywhere. And the lifestyle as an influencer is also a dream for many people, which you can emulate with your own pictures. For a long time, it was not possible to post Instagram pictures on a PC. And even today, the social media giant does not offer a solution for this. However, there are other developers who have taken care of this. With Gramblr, you can upload to Instagram from your PC. The software also offers many suitable filters and additional features like an upload schedule, so it can be worthwhile for all influencers and those who want to become one. In any case, Gramblr is an interesting solution for all Instagram fans who would like to edit their pictures on the PC beforehand.

Gramblr offers some advantages, even if Instagram wants to edit images:

The Gramblr download can pay off. Many filters and other functions allow for much more precise editing on the PC than on the smartphone. And the ability to use Instagram on a PC simplifies a lot of things, since you don’t have to transfer everything back to your smartphone after editing your pictures. It can also be worth a look, since you can also get Instagram followers with Gramblr without having to buy them.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Download and install Gramblr
  • When you log in for the first time, you will need to create an account and log in with your Instagram details as well
  • Click on the “Upload Now” tab and drag your image to the drag and drop area
  • Click “Continue” and set filters and many other effects if needed
  • Click on “Continue” again and enter a suitable description. You can also link people directly below the image
  • Click on “Send” to submit your photo
  • Done!

Our conclusion: The Gramblr alternative to Instagram is quite impressive. If you upload Instagram pictures on your PC, you can get a few free likes and possibly even generate free Instagram followers. This is because the number of likes within the first few hours often has an effect on the visibility of one’s own post, so that in any case one receives more attention and can thus also get new Instagram followers. This also means that you don’t have to buy Instagram followers and at the end of the day you might have money available for great subjects or better equipment. Give it a try!

Video tutorial:

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