Instagram profile picture in full size (Zoom / Download) | Tutorial

Instagram profile picture

Instagram profile picture in full size (Zoom / Download)

Who hasn’t experienced it: You’re on Instagram and want to take a closer look at the pictures of some people. It can be an advantage if you can enlarge the Instagram profile picture. But how is that possible? By default, unfortunately, as good as not. Therefore, we would like to show you a quick and easy tool today, so that you can make a very accurate overview of the images of your stars. The Instagram Zoom does not require any technical understanding or any installations. Therefore: just get started!

Instagram Zoom also for private accounts?

You might be afraid that the Instagram profile picture zoom only works for public accounts. But at least with the profile picture itself, it’s not a problem even with a private account. The only difference is that with a private account, you can’t see the posts. But for the PB, it doesn’t matter.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to Instagram and copy the username
  • Go to the izoomyou website
  • Enter the profile name and press enter
  • Now you can view the profile picture in full size and download it if needed
  • For public profiles, you can also view and download the posts
  • Done!

As you can see, the whole thing is no magic and only takes a few seconds. We hope that the tutorial helped you and that you were now able to display the appropriate Instagram profile picture in large size. Because we all know it. So a little “research” in the social media but surely everyone has ever done! 😉

Video tutorial:

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