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Picture in Picture Chrome

Picture in picture Chrome

You know it. Sitting at the PC, gambling or working and watching a YouTube video or a Twitch stream on the side. With multiple screens, this is no longer a problem. But what can you do if you only have one screen? We’ll show you how you can use Chrome’s Picture in Picture feature for yourself, so that the stream or video is always displayed in the appropriate tab. Picture in Picture on Chrome is still in beta at the moment. We therefore show a much simpler variant, which is also provided by Google itself.

Browser settings vs. plugin:

The first option is a small settings in Chrome browser itself. However, this feature is only offered by Chrome for testing at the moment and does not promise smooth operation. On the other hand, it is much easier to use the official plugin, which was released by Google itself. Using it is straightforward, so you can turn on the picture-in-picture feature in Chrome with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Launch Chrome
  • Search the Chrome webstore for the Picture-in-Picture plugin
  • Install the plugin
  • Go to the video or stream you want to display in another tab
  • Press Alt+P
  • The player will now always be displayed in the current tab. The window can be enlarged if desired
  • Done!

The use of the picture in picture function is very simple. We hope to have helped you with this tutorial, especially if you only have one screen and want to use every space on the monitor wisely. We are also happy about your visit on Youtube, where you can find many more tutorials about Google Chrome!

Video tutorial:

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