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Chrome Dark Mode

Google Chrome Dark Mode

In another post, we already explained how to enable Dark Mode in Windows 10. If you’ve read that, you’ll know that this setting also affects apps, so Chrome would start in Dark Mode. However, there is still a simple way how to enable Dark Mode in Chrome without it having any effect on the rest of the system. Therefore, we would like to quickly present you this option, so that you can be on the Internet at night without sunglasses.

Two shortscuts keep you flexible:

In this solution, we work with a simple command that we enter into the Google Chrome shortcut. This has the advantage that you can also quickly surf in normal mode again with a second extension. Thus, a setting does not have to be changed every time. Rather, one selects the other shortcut. If necessary, you can also rename it so that you know directly which mode is opened with it.

Step-by-step instructions:

First of all, you need a Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop. If you don’t have one there yet, follow these steps:

  • Enter “Google Chrome” in the Windows search
  • Right-click on the Chrome app
  • Click on “Open file location
  • Right click on Google Chrome
  • Select “Send to” -> “Desktop”
  • Now right click the shortcut on the desktop and go to “Properties”
  • Switch to the Shortcut tab
  • At Destination add a space after the normal path and then the following command: -force-dark-mode
  • Click on Apply
  • Done!

Now when you open the shortcut, Google Chrome will start in dark mode!

As you can see, the solution is quickly implemented and allows maximum flexibility. And even if you think that you can hardly work more efficiently with tidy menus, we wanted to prove you wrong at this point. We hope you enjoyed the tutorial. You can also find many other interesting solutions on our Youtube channel. Have a look!

Video tutorial:

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