Enable location services in Chrome (enable/disable) | Tutorial

Enable location services Chrome

Enable location services in Chrome (enable/disable)

Browsers, and many devices in themselves, today want to rely on our location to improve their service. This can make sense in some cases where your own location is important. For example, if I search for surrounding restaurants in Google Maps, I can save typing in my own address. But isn’t it better to have this decision in your own hands? We will show you how to enable oder disable location services in Chrome, depending on how you want to set it for the individual websites. We will show you all the relevant functions that Google Chrome has to offer.

Hide Chrome location also possible afterwards:

The reason for this post is a scenario we know ourselves: One allows the location for a website rather accidentally, perhaps because one has misclicked. The question now is how to undo this? Fortunately, Google Chrome offers good settings for this, which are not only very general, but can also be adapted to specific entries / websites.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Settings”
  • Select “Privacy and Security” and “Website Settings”
  • In the permissions you will find the item “Location”
  • Now you can choose if websites are allowed to ask you for your location or if this should be blocked
  • Further down, you will find saved settings of websites. You can delete the entries by clicking on the trash can icon
  • By clicking on the small arrow you can also change the location setting individually
  • Done!

Actually, it’s not difficult at all to share or hide your location. As always, it depends on knowing the way to the appropriate settings to save yourself a lot of work. We hope that with this article we could save you the hassle of searching and that you can now share your location – or not, as you prefer!

Video tutorial:

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