Rounded corners in Gimp | Tutorial

Rounded corners in Gimp

Rounded corners in Gimp

Gimp is very well suited for creating a digital souvenir or a kind of collage with a picture frame, for example. For this, however, you should not just slap the pictures there. Especially for an album, it might be worthwhile to create rounded corners in Gimp. Similar effects are also suitable for YouTube thumbnails, for example, in order to stand out a little from the crowd. For this purpose, Gimp provides a suitable function that you can quickly understand even without prior knowledge by a little trial and error. We would like to quickly introduce this function to you today.

Create rounded corners with Gimp – here’s how:

But first, here’s a tip. Depending on what your goal is with the rounded corners in Gimp, it may be worthwhile to set the object to its own layer beforehand. That way, other areas of your project won’t be affected. In the end, however, this is entirely up to you and also depends heavily on your own requirements for the result. In any case, it is practical to know this function, as it is suitable for different projects.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • First load your image you want to round off into Gimp
  • Click on “Select” -> All
  • Go again to “Select” -> Rounded rectangle
  • Now select the appropriate radius in percent
  • Normally 5% is a good guideline, but you should try it out until you get the right rounding
  • Click on OK
  • Go to “Selection” -> Invert
  • Press the “Del” key

Small hint: With the selection point “Concave” the corners are cut exactly the other way round. This is also a good effect if you want to recreate a digital photo album.

Rounding image corners with Gimp is quick and easy. Depending on whether you like the result, you can often be done in a few seconds. And the advantage: Even if it doesn’t fit, you simply go back one step and can start again directly with the settings. Thanks to the information gained, you can find the right data for the settings quite quickly, even without prior knowledge. We wish you a lot of success with your Gimp projects!

Video tutorial:

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